Industrial Machines and Control (IMC) Pdf Notes KNEC

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Suitable for: Certificate, Diploma, University and Professional Courses
Topics Covered:

  1. Electrical Machine II
  2. Industrial Power Protection
  3. Motor Control and Protection I
  4. Electrical Machines Installation
  5. Instrumentation
  6. Industrial control systems II


  1. Electrical Machine II
  • Operational principles of DC motor
  • Operational principles of cross fields machines
  • Single phase AC motor
  • Three phase AC motor
  1. Industrial Power Protection
  • Introduction
  • Motor starters
  1. Motor Control and Protection I
  • Mercury switch
  • Rotary swich
  • Limit switch
  • Time switch
  1. Electrical Machines Installation
  • Machine mounting procedure
  1. Instrumentation
  • Elements of instrumentation system
  • Signal processing methods
  • Data processing elements
  • Display system
  1. Industrial control systems II
  • PLC Architecture
  • Introduction to ladder logic
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