Electrical Installation Technology Pdf KNEC notes

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Suitable for: Certificate, Diploma, University and Professional Courses
Topics Covered:
Topic 1: Safety
Topic 2: Electrical Tools
Topic 3: Electrical Power Supply
Topic 4: Electrical Instruments and Measurements
Topic 5: Conductors and Cable Joints
Topic 6: Wiring Systems and Accessories
Topic 7: Domestic Lighting and Power Circuits
Topic 8: Earthing and Protection
Topic 9: Battery Charging
Topic 10: Bell and Alarm Circuits
Topic 11: Tests and Inspection
Topic 12: Structured Cabling


1. Safety
Workshop safety hazards
Electrical safety
First aid

2. Electrical Tools
Tools used in electrical
Care and maintenance of tools

3. Electrical Power Supply
Electrical power sources
Typical layout for a hydro power generating plant
Electrical power transmission and distribution systems

4. Electrical Instruments and Measurements
Types of measuring instrument
Instruments and their quantitie of measurements
Interpretation of instrument’s scales
Methods of performing electrical measurements

5. Conductors and Cables Joints
Types of Cables
Sizes and ratings
Definition of a joint
Properties of a good joints
Types of joints
Methods of making permanent joints
Methods of making temporary joints
IEEE regulations on cables and cable joints

6. Wiring System and Accessories
Types of wiring system
Factors affecting choice
Application of given systems
Types of accessories

7. Domestic Lghtning and Power Circuits
Final sub-circuits
Sequence of control for domestic installations
Ring and radial final sub-circuits
Wiring methods for lightning final sub-circuits
Cooker and water heater final sub-circuits

8. Earthing and Protection
Terms used in earthing
Purpose for earthing
Parts of an earthing system
Different methods of earth
Over current protection
Tests for an earthing system
Relevant IEE regulations

9. Battery Charging
Charging methods
Battery maintenance

10. Bells and Alarm Circuits
Types of electrical bells
Components of a bell circuit
Bell indicators
Burglar alarm circuits
Fire alarm circuits

11. Tests and Inspection
Need for testing
Tests on completed installations and major extensions and alterations
IEE regulations requirements for bell circuits
Inspection of completed installations

12. Structured Cabling
Structured cabling system (SCs)
Entrance facilities (EFs)
Types of Cabling
Types of topologies
Applications of SCs

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