Materials, Processes and Workshop Technology KNEC Pdf Notes

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Topic 1: Workshop Safety
Topic 2: Material Processes
Topic 3: Metal Workshop Tools and Measurements
Topic 4: Joining of Metals
Topic 5: Workshop Machines and Applications
Topic 6: Sheet Metal Workshop


1. Workshop Safety

  • General workshop safety
  • Causes of accidents
  • Industrial safety
  • Classification of fires
  • Electrical safety
  • Workshop layout

2. Materials Processes

  • Metals, non-metals and alloys
  • Properties of materials
  • Extraction processese
  • Finishing and decorative process
  • Electrial materials and applications
  • Metal forming processes

3. Metal Shop Tools and Measurements

  • Terms used in measurement
  • Making out techniques
  • Workshop hand tools

4. Joining of Metals

  • Mechanical joining of metals
  • Thermal joining

5. Workshop Machines and Applications

  • Workshop machines
  • Operation of different Types
  • Safety precautions while using various machines

6. Sheet Metal Work

  • Common sheet metals
  • Uses of tools
  • Forming in metal sheet
  • Edge treatment of joints
  • Fabrication machines
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