Electric Power Generation and Transmission KNEC Pdf Notes

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Topic 1: Power Generation
Topic 2: Excitation Systems
Topic 3: Economics of Power Supply
Topic 4: Power Factor Improvement
Topic 5: Overhead Transmission
Topic 6: Underground Cables


1. Power Generation

  • Types of generating stations
  • Types of layout for generating stations
  • Operation of generating

2. Excitation systems

  • Types of excitation schemes
  • Operation of exciters

3. Economics of Power Supply

  • Generating costs
  • Load development
  • Economical conductor cross section area

4. Power Factor Improvement

  • Causes of low power factor
  • Effects of low power factor
  • Methods of improving power factor
  • Location of power factor improvement equipment
  • Calculation on power factor improvement

5. Overhead Transmission

  • Conductor materials for transmission lines
  • Transmission line supports
  • Transmission line insulators
  • String efficiency
  • Methods of improving line efficiency
  • Insulator failures and tests
  • Derivation of line constraints

6. Underground Cables

  • Insulating materials for underground cables
  • Cable conductor for underground cables
  • Types of underground cables
  • underground cables faults
  • Calculations on underground cables parameters
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