Physical Science notes KMTC

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Suitable for: Certificate, Diploma, University and Professional Courses
Summary of Topics covered:
KMTC, Certificate and Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics: Physical Science
TOPIC 1: Introduction to Physical Science
TOPIC 2: Periodic Table
TOPIC 3: Structure and Bonding
TOPIC 4: Chemical Equations
TOPIC 5: Redox Reactions
TOPIC 6: Introduction to Organic Chemistry
TOPIC 7: Homologous Series
TOPIC 8: Hydrocarbon Compounds
TOPIC 9: Alcohols (Aikanols)
TOPIC 10: Carbonyl Compounds
TOPIC 11: Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives
TOPIC 12: Alkyl Halides
TOPIC 13: Solutions and Concetrations
TOPIC 14: Gases
TOPIC 15: Kinetic Theory of Gases
TOPIC 16: Solubility
TOPIC 17: Solutions
TOPIC 18: Thermochemistry
TOPIC 19: Chemical Equilibrium
TOPIC 20: Electrochemistry
TOPIC 21: Introduction to Physics
TOPIC 22: Units and Measurements
TOPIC 23: Fluid Mechanics
TOPIC 24: Properties of Matter
TOPIC 25: Statics
TOPIC 26: Heat
TOPIC 27: Dynamics
TOPIC 28: Light
TOPIC 29: Optical Instrument
TOPIC 30: Electricity and Electromagnetism
TOPIC 31: Charged Particles



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