Introduction to Computing Pdf notes

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Topics covered:

Topic 1: Introduction to information communication technology (ICT)
Topic 2: Computer hardware
Topic 3: Computer software
Topic 4: Basic data processing
Topic 5: Introduction to Information systems
Topic 6: information systems in an organisation
Topic 7: Information system security
Topic 8: Emerging issues and trends




1 . Introduction to information communication technology (ICT)

  • Introduction to computers
  • Evolution of computers
  • Elements of a computer system
  • Uses of computer systems
  • Impact of ICT in society
  • Careers in ICT

2. Computer hardware

  • Components or a computer system
  • Input/output devices
  • Storage devices
  • Processing unit
  • Communication devices
  • Selection of computer hardware

3. Computer software

  • Systems software
  • Application Software
  • User interface
  • Selection of computer software

4. Basic data processing

  • Introduction to data processing
  • Data processing cycle
  • Data hierarchy
  • File organisation and access
  • Data collection methods
  • Methods of data processing
  • Data processing systems
  • Data processing modes

5. Introduction to Information systems

  • information system concepts
  • Components of an information system
  • Information centres

6. Information systems in an organisation

  • Definition of an of organisalion
  • Organisation levels
  • Types of information systems
  • Roles of information systems in an organisation

7. Information system security

  • Information system threats and controls
  • Information system integrity

8. Emerging issues and trends

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