Structured Programming notes KNEC Diploma

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Structured programming
Definition of terms
Introduction to structured programming
History of programming languages
Programming paradigms
Software considerations
Advantages c language
Program development and design
Program development cycle
Structured programming design concepts
Program design tools
3. Program structure
Structure of a c program
Source code files
C data types
Type casting
C programming operators
Arithmetic operators
Increment and decrement operators – unary operators
Assignment operators – binary operators
Relational operators – binary operators
Logical operators – binary operators
Conditional operator – ternary operators
Precedence of operators
Associativity of operators
Control structures
Importance of control structures
Types of control structures
Selection structures
The if selection structure
The if/else
The if…else if…else statement
Nested if statements
Switch statement
Nested switch statements
Repetition/iterative/loop structures
While loop in c
For loop in c
Do…while loop in c
Nested loops in c
Branching statements
Break statement in c
Continue statement in c
Goto statement in c
The return statement
The infinite loop
Subprograms in c
Types of functions
Library function
User defined function
Defining a function
Function declarations
Calling a function
Function arguments
Types of variables
Local variables
Global variables
Data structures
Declaring arrays
Initializing arrays
Accessing array elements
Sort techniques
Searching arrays
Linked lists
C strings
File handling
Opening files
Closing a file
Writing a file
Reading a file
Binary i/o functions
Software documentation
Process documentation
Product documentation

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