ICT Topical Revision: Questions and Answers



Number of Pages: 137 Pages
File size: 1.1 MB
Suitable for: Certificate, Diploma, University and Professional Courses
ICT Topical Revision Questions and Answers.
The revision kit contains Questions and Answers which are arranged according to Topics. The questions are in front and answers at the back.
The book covers a wide range of study in ICT for college, polytechnic studies as well as high school and university students.
Topic 1: Introduction to ICT 3
Topic 2: Computer systems 5
Topic 3: Computer hardware
Topic 4: Computer software
Topic 5: Introduction to operating systems
Topic 6: Computer files
Topic 7: An overview of application packages
Topic 8: An overview of information systems
Topic 9: Computer networks
Topic 10:
The internet
Topic 11; Emerging issues and trends


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