Electric Circuit Analysis KNEC Pdf Notes


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Topic 1: Electric Circuit Analysis
Topic 2: Transients
Topic 3: Three Phase Induction Motors
Topic 4: Three-Phase Synchronous Motors
Topic 5: Two Port Networks
Topic 6: Three Phase Systems
Topic 7: Complex Waveforms
Topic 8: DC Machines
Topic 9: Single Phase Motors
Topic 10: Three-Phase Transformers


Electric circuit analysis
• Complex quantities
• Single phase circuits
• Circuit theories
• Star delta

• Growth and delay in R-C circuits
• Growth and delay in R-L circuits
• Calculations

Three Phase Induction Motors
• Construction of 3 phase induction motors
• Principles of operation of three phase induction motors
• Starless three phase induction motor
• Characteristics of three phase induction motor
• Application of three phase induction motors

Three Phase Synchronous Machines
• Construction
• Operation
• Synchronization
• Applications
• Calculations

Two Port Networks
• Basic passive networks
• Characteristics impendance
• Transmission lines
• ABCD constants
• Network in cascades

Three Phase Systems
• Principles of three phase
• Methods of three phase
• Line and phase quantities
• Calculations on three
• Methods of power

Complex Waveforms
• Complex waveforms
• Sources of harmonics
• Analysis of comlex waveforms
• Calculations on Complex waveforms
• Harmonics in transformers
• Problem solving

DC Machines
• Construction
• Operation
• Classification
• Starting methods
• Armature reaction
• Characteristics of DC machines
• Application of DC machines

Single Phase Motors
• Construction of single phase motors
• Operation of single phase motors
• Characteristics of single phase motors
• Application of single phase motors

Three Phase Transformers
• Construction
• Operation
• Characteristics
• Application
• Calculation

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