Counseling Psychology Pdf KNEC notes

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Counseling
Chapter 2: Techniques of Counseling for social work
Chapter 3: Ethics in counseling
Chapter 4: Counseling process
Chapter 5: Role of Communication in Counseling
Chapter 6: Setting up a Counseling Programme



Chapter One: Introduction to Counseling

  • Introduction
  • Counseling and other related terms
  • Psychotherapy and cousleing
  • Importance of counseling
  • Branches of cousleing
  • Principles of counseling
  • Emergence of counseling psychology
  • Factors contributing to need to need for counseling

CHAPTER TWO: Techniques of cousleing for social work

  • Introduction
  • Techniques used in counseling for social work
  • Interview in cousleing
  • Cousleing skills

Chapter Three: Ethics in counseling

  • Introduction
  • Importance of ethics in counseling
  • Role of records in counseling
  • Storage of records
  • Chapter four
  • Counseling process
  • Introduction
  • Aims of exploration stage
  • Challenges
  • Gerard Egan’s Three stage Model
  • Challenges in counseling process

Chapter Five: Role Of Communication in Counseling

  • Introduction
  • Challenges of each type of communication in coursing
  • Communication skills in counseling

Chapter Six: Setting up a Counseling Programme

  • Introduction
  • Role of social worker in managing a counseling programme
  • Impact of counseling in society
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