Building Construction I Pdf Notes KNEC

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Building Construction I Notes
1. Building Components
• Building components
• Foundation
• Floor
• Windows

2. Preliminary Site Activities
• Site activities that precede Actual building construction
• Provision of facilities of on site

3. Site Organisation and Layout
• Site layout and organization

4. Setting Out of Building
• Setting out of building

5. Excavation
• Method of Excavation
• Tools used in manual Excavation
• Equipment used in mechanical Excavation

6. Earth Work Support
• Method of Earth
• Foundation

7. Foundation
• Importance of foundation to building
• Types of foundation soil

8. Methods of Reinforcement in Substructures
• Methods of reinforcement in Substructures

9. Construction of Foundation
• Method of construction of foundation

10. Damp Proofing
• Rising damp and seepage of ground water in building
• Damp proof course (DPC) and damp proof membrane (DPM)
• Function of damp proof courses

11. Basement Tanking
• Tanking in basement work

12. Hardcore
• Hardcore layer
• Blinding



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