KNEC Office Administration and Management July 2014 Past Paper

July 2014
Time: 3 hours

1. (a) Outline five benefits that an organization may obtain from effective office administration and management. (10 marks)
b ) Explain five functions that the procurement department of a large organization could be expected to perform. (10 marks)

2. (a) Ngoi, an employee of Wingu Company Limited was reluctant to take up delegated to him by his supervisor. Explain five reasons that may have made Ngoi act this way. (10 marks)
b) Explain five measures that an office manager should take to reduce internal noise in an office. (10 marks)

3. a) Explain five ways in which an office manager may contribute to poor human relations in an office. (10 marks)
(b) Explain five benefits that justify the need for companies to maintain adequate quantities of office stationery. (10 marks)

4. (a) Outline five limitations of using pigeon holes to distribute correspondence to employees in an organization. (10 marks)
b) Explain five benefits that may be realized by an organization that maintains an efficient- document filing system. (10 mans)

5. (a) Explain five factors that may lead to the frequent breakdown of an office photocopying machine. (10 marks)
(b) Highlight five limitations of using a computer software to analyse data collected in an organization and methods study. (10 marks)

6. a) Salama is a newly employed office messenger at Johari Limited. Outline five duties that she may be expected to perform in her position. (10 marks)
b) Explain five challenges that may be faced by a firm that adopts a functional organization structure. (10 marks)

7. a) Explain five reasons that may make a company fail to implement the recommendations made in an organization and methods study report. (10 marks)
b) Outline five measures that an organization may adopt to ensure effective use of office forms. (10 marks)

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