Diploma in Social Work and Community Development Past Papers

Module I

  1. Social Work Theory and Practice  & Community Development Papers 
  2. Development Economics & Entrepreneurship Education Past Papers
  3. Community Based Organizations, Capacity Building and Empowerment Past Papers
  4. Communication Skills & Information Communication Technology(ICT) Past Papers

Module II

  1. Legal Aspects in Social Development Work Past Papers
  2. Resource Mobilization and Fundraising Past Papers
  3. Project Management Past Papers
  4. Advocacy and Lobbying Past Papers
  5. HIV/AIDS and other Pandemics Past Papers
  6. Statistics Past Papers
  7. Resource Management Past Papers

Module III

  1. Disaster Management Past Papers
  2. Social Psychology and Human Development Past Papers
  3. Social Rehabilitation and Reintegration Past Papers
  4. Social Policy and Administration Past Papers
  5. Community Leadership Past Papers
  6. Introduction to Counseling Psychology Past Papers
  7. Transformation and Social Marketing Past Papers
  8. Community Development Methodologies Past Papers
  9. Management of Community Concerns Past Papers
  10. Gender and Development Past Papers
  11. Social Research Project Past Papers
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