Describe an innkeeper’s lien

An innkeeper’s has a lien on all goods brought by the guest to his inn (hotel)for the price of the food and lodging, but the Hotel Proprietors Act excludes vehicles,. horses or other animals, because he (innkeeper) is no longer responsible in case of loss or damage caused to these. However, the innkeeper has no power to detain the guest himself or take the clothes from his person.

Lien is not confined to the guest’s goods alone, but extends to all things brought to the inn by the guest even stolen goods, if the innkeeper does not know the goods have been stolen. The reason for this is the fact that the innkeeper is obliged under law to receive anything which can be classed as guest’s property. The lien is lost if the innkeeper allows the guest to remove his luggage. The Act gives power of sale over goods deposited or left in an inn ( or hotel) to satisfy the innkeeper’s bill. But the sale can be made if the goods have been for six weeks on the premises, and the sale has been advertised at least one month before it is due to take place.

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