Strategic Management for Human Resource Practitioners CHRP

Strategic Management for Human Resource Practitioners CHRP

1. Introduction to Strategic Management

1.1 Definition of strategic management
1.2 Theories of strategic management
1.3 Principles of strategic management
1.4 Characteristics of strategic management
1.5 Objectives of strategic management
1.6 Strategic management process
1.7 Importance and application of strategic management

2. Business Environment and Environmental Scanning

2.1 Introduction to business environment
2.2 Components of a business environment
2.3 Importance of business environment
2.4 Relationship between organisation and its environment
2.5 Environment scanning
2.6 Objectives of environmental scanning
2.7 Benefits of environmental scanning
2.8 Environmental scanning tools
2.8.1 PESTEL Analysis
2.8.2 SWOT Analysis
2.8.3 Application of environmental scanning tools

3. Strategy Formulation

3.1 Introduction to strategy formulation
3.2 Objectives of strategy formulation
3.3 The strategy formulation process
3.3.1 Vision
3.3.2 Mission
3.3.3 Values
3.3.4 Goals
3.3.5 Objectives
3.3.6 Strategies
3.3.7 Policies
3.4 Challenges in strategy formulation
3.5 Mitigation measures for challenges in strategy formulation

4. Levels of Strategy

4.1 Introduction to the levels of strategy
4.2 Corporate level strategies
4.3 Business level strategies
4.4 Functional level strategies
4.5 The place of human resource strategies in strategic level hierarchy

5. Strategy Implementation

5.1 Introduction to strategy implementation
5.2 The strategy implementation process
5.3 Relationship between strategy formulation and implementation
5.4 Issues in strategy implementation
5.5 Strategy implementation models
5.6 Factors for successful strategy implementation
5.7 Strategy implementation matrix

6. Strategy Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

6.1 Introduction to strategy monitoring and evaluation
6.2 Objectives of monitoring and evaluation
6.3 Monitoring and evaluation cycle
6.4 Monitoring and evaluation framework
6.5 Monitoring and evaluation plan
6.6 Monitoring and evaluation tools
6.7 Monitoring and evaluation methods
6.8 Roles and responsibilities in monitoring and evaluation
6.9 Challenges in monitoring and evaluation
6.10 Mitigation measures for challenges in strategy monitoring and evaluation
6.11 Strategy review

9. Role of strategic Human Resource Management in Organisations

9.1 Introduction to strategic role of human resources management in organisations
9.2 Business case for strategic human resources management
9.3 Strategic versus administrative roles of human resources management in organisations
9.4 Application of human resources management strategy
9.5 Human resources business partner model
9.6 Human resources management value proposition

10. Emerging Issues and Trends in Strategic Management and their ICT Applications

10.1 Emerging issues and trends in strategic management of human resource
10.1.1 Flexi working times
10.1.2 Working from home
10.1.3 Employee mental health and wellness programmes
10.1.4 Technology and strategic management
10.1.5 Globalisation and cultural effectiveness

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