Microcontroller Technology KNEC notes pdf

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Diploma In Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Power Option)

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Topics Covered

1. Introduction to Microcontroller Technology
2. Process Control System
3. Sequential Control Systems
4. Digital Control Systems
5. Fundamentals of Robots
5. Robots Programming




1. Introduction to Microcontroller Technology

  • a) Elements of Microcontroller Architecture
  • b) Microcontroller Series
  • c) Microcontroller Family Members

2. Process Control System

  • a) Need for Process Control
  • b) Process Control Terms
  • c) Block Diagram of Process Control
  • d) Control Modes
  • e) Implementation of Controllers
  • f) Functions of Actuators
  • g) Types of Actuators

3. Sequential Control Systems

  • a) Sequential Control
  • b) Time Delay Unit
  • c) Application of Decoder/Encoder
  • d) Practical Interlock System
  • e) Internal Architecture of PLC
  • f) Applications of Flow Chart and Ladder Diagram Programming Methods
  • g) Application of PLCs in functional and practical systems

4. Digital Control Systems

  • a) Basic digital methods
  • b) Computer data logging
  • c) Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • d) Application of Digital Computer

5. Fundamentals of Robots

  • a) Definition of a robot
  • b) Types of robots
  • c) Elements of robotic system
  • d) Need for using robots
  • e) Functions of control systems in robots
  • f) Robot’s Performance, capabilities and specifications
  • g) Key features of robots
  • h) Programming methods

5. Robots Programming

  • a) Programming methods
  • b) Robot programming functions
  • c) Robot programming environment
  • d) Programming activities
  • e) Basic types of robot programming languages
  • f) On-line and off-line programming languages

Reference Books

  1. Practical process control: tuning and troubleshooting by Cecil Smith.
  2. Practical Process Control: Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Process Control by Control Station, Inc
  3. Programmable Logic Controllers: Programming Methods and Applications by John R. Hackworth and Frederick D. Hackworth,
  4. Programmable Logic Controllers by W. Bolton 4th Edition
  5. Programmable Controllers: Theory and Implementation by L.A.Bryan and E.A. Bryan. 2nd Ed.
  6. Industrial Automation by Srinivas Medida Vol. 6
  7. Practical SCADA for Industry by David Bailey, Edwin Wright
  8. Micro-processors and Micro-controllers by Stefan Hollenthoner
  9. Introduction to Microcontrollers by Aaron Striegel & Diane Rover
  10. Controllers and Controlled Systems by Samson AG
  11. Fundamentals of Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control by William C. Dunn
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