CPA Revision Kits (Questions & Answers) KASNEB Kenya

Revision Kits for CPA KASNEB KENYA


  • Financial Accounting Revision Kit
  • Communication Skills Revision Kit
  • Introduction to Law Revision Kit
  • Economics Revision Kit
  • Quantitative Analysis Revision Kit
  • Information Communication Technology Revision Kit


  • Company Law Revision Kit
  • Financial Management Revision Kit
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis Revision Kit
  • Auditing and Assurance Revision Kit
  • Management Accounting Revision Kit
  • Public Finance and Taxation Revision Kit


Compulsory papers

  • Leadership and Management Revision Kit
  • Advanced Financial Reporting and Analysis Revision Kit
  • Advanced Financial Management Revision Kit
  • Advanced Management Accounting Revision Kit

Specialisation papers (One to be selected, double specialisation allowed)

  • Advanced Taxation
  • Advanced Auditing and Assurance
  • Advanced Public Financial Management
  • Business Data Analytics (Practical Paper)

1. Introduction

Certified Public Accountant examinations are held twice yearly, in May and November. Revision kits for these courses are published to assist students in their preparation for the examinations. They are revised every edition, ensuring that they correctly reflect the current examinations. These kits provide a guide to the examination, knowledge on what to revise, as well as reference to the course syllabus and how the questions are set. They also provide students with exam techniques, a platform to practice exam-style questions, and an indication of the expected examinable areas. A revision kit will consist of objective test questions and answers, such as multiple-choice questions, true/false questions, and quantitative problem questions and answers. These questions will cover the whole course and test the students’ understanding of the subject. The multiple-choice questions are designed to assist in the techniques of answering objective test questions. The quantitative problem questions and answers aim to give the student confidence in answering mathematics-based questions. Subjective test questions and answers are also provided. These question types include comprehensive questions, written communication, and case studies. These questions cover all topics in the course and the answers will be comprehensive, with mark allocation given. Written communication questions will guide the student in better business English writing. Time allocation and their respective marks will give a clear guide to the student. An essay-based question and answer is provided for every part of a course, and at the end of the revision kit, an objective test question paper and answer are provided.

2. Benefits of Revision Kits

Revision kits offer several benEVISION kITSefits to students preparing for exams:

  1. Structured Review: Revision kits typically organize material in a structured manner, allowing students to review topics in a systematic way. This helps in covering all essential concepts and ensures comprehensive preparation.
  2. Concise Summaries: They provide concise summaries of key concepts, formulas, and information, making it easier for students to grasp and retain essential information within a limited timeframe.
  3. Practice Questions: Revision kits often include practice questions and exercises that enable students to test their understanding of the material. This active engagement with the content reinforces learning and helps identify areas that need further review.
  4. Exam-style Questions: Many revision kits include exam-style questions that mimic the format and difficulty level of actual exams. Practicing these questions familiarizes students with the exam format, improves their exam-taking skills, and boosts confidence.
  5. Time Management: By practicing with revision kits, students learn to manage their time effectively during exams. They can gauge how much time to allocate to each question or section, which is crucial for completing exams within the allotted time frame.
  6. Targeted Revision: Revision kits allow students to focus on specific areas of weakness or topics they find challenging. This targeted revision ensures that students allocate their time and energy efficiently to areas where they need the most improvement.
  7. Portable and Convenient: Revision kits are often compact and portable, making them convenient study companions for students on the go. Whether commuting, waiting for appointments, or studying at home, students can easily access their revision materials.
  8. Supplementary Resources: Some revision kits come with additional resources such as online quizzes, video tutorials, or interactive learning tools, which offer further support and enhance the learning experience.

 How to Purchase the Revision Kits

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